The Path to Sustained Profitable Growth
Pricing Excellence
Ensuring your Pricing Journey is successful

Superior pricing capability equals greater resilience 

  • Pricing-to-value withstands market cycles and other disruption
  • New product pricing in proportion to differentiated customer value
  • Shared goals bridge organizational gaps  
  • Error-free pricing and compliance is monitored
  • SIX SIGMA PRICING eliminates out-of-control variation and leaks
  • Pricing operations are efficient and nimble 
  • Analysis guides decisions and Dashboards measure success

…. and sustained growth follows naturally

S-TOP™ (es-top) resilience framework illuminates price-related pitfalls

 So winning pricing strategies and flawless execution follow naturally



Policies and positioning relative to market share, sales volume and profitability


Tools and Technology

Analysis to guide optimal decisions and monitor targeted actions



Roles, goals and feedback to execute successfully



Process and protocols for superior execution, governance and control

Global experience spanning diverse industry sectors and company settings

Medical Device, Hospitality, Consumer Packaged Goods and Outsourced Services to manufacturing of Electronics, Chemicals, Tooling, Climate control, among others.

Client success is our source of pride