Engaging with Us

We tailor engagements to fit client needs

The unique set of opportunities of each client determine our development methods:

End-to-End ...

Assess, Analyse, Recommend and Train are preparatory steps that precede any major change impacting price in order to Implement with certainty.

And results can accrue within weeks following Assess. We Analyze qualitative and quantitative data to identify gaps within Strategy, Tools and Technology, Organization and Process (S-TOP) for all major pricing operations areas. Recommend includes getting buy-in for a specific set of recommendations, while Train is to offer executive training to senior or mid-level managers prior to Implement.

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... Or Modular

Alternatively, we can take a modular approach which entails picking one pricing domain at a time, for example, pricing for new product launch or pricing a portfolio of products and services, to deliver on each module within one or two weeks.

  • New Product Launch
  • Value-based Pricing
  • Price Increase Methodology
  • Access Pricing Inconsistencies
  • Roles and Responsibilities Evaluation
  • Internal Perception Gap Analysis
  • Lean Six Sigma Pricing
  • Pricing Guidelines Development
  • Pricing Process (Re)design
  • Standard Operating Procedure & Playbook Development
  • Key Performance Indicator (KPI) Development
  • Pricing Metric Design