Six Sigma Pricing

Six Sigma Pricing: Improving Pricing Operations to Increase Profits

Six Sigma Pricing

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Many companies have developed solid pricing strategies and sales services but without equally good pricing operations, those services alone will not add a dime to the bottom line.

The goal of pricing operations is to consistently control price deviations in transactional pricing over time and across customer segments. This goal of ensuring the prices are not too low or too high lends itself perfectly to Six Sigma Pricing.

You will learn how to define pricing “defects”, gather and analyze relevant pricing data, review pricing-agreement processes, identify and control failures, implement improvements, and then ensure continuous, ongoing improvement in price profit and customer satisfaction.

  • Learn why Six Sigma Pricing makes sense
  • Identify profit leaks from inefficient pricing operations
  • Illuminate your current pricing processes, so you can improve them
  • Set up your pricing operations for continuous improvement in line with your pricing and sales strategy
  • Create an organization that is successful at pricing

Praise for Six Sigma Pricing