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Improving Your Bottom Line
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Pragmatic Competitive Intelligence for Pricing Precision

Last fall, the leaders of a mid-sized company were rather worried about an unusually aggressive competitive promotion. After analyzing their competitors ‘past promotions along with the company’s own volume and…

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Deconstruct for Costs then Reconstruct for Value

Value-based pricing is accepted as the ideal scenario yet few companies have put it in practice.  Most companies struggle with cost-plus pricing which simply requires charging a set margin over incurred costs.…

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Fewer Products: Is Less More?

Protecting profits through inventory management is being mentioned on quarterly earnings calls whether the company is Xerox Corporation or Joann Fabrics.  The article, Ecolab: Fewer Products Greater Profits, is fairly representative of the manufacturing…

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Why not Poetry

In times of distress, it is natural to seek inspiration to reclaim a positive mental state. While the current economic woes are real, it is optimism that fuels the determination…

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